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Golden Gate Enterprises, LLC provides rental services of high impact DIGITAL SIGNAGE & TOUCH TABLET solutions for trade shows, meetings, conventions and public/corporate events, using the latest touch-display and A/V processing technology.  We will deliver to you a FULLY FUNCTIONAL solution (user-interactive and/or non-interactive) with a custom-developed application...simply "PLUG & PLAY".  Our application development includes functions such as “touch-n-swipe” and “pinch-n-zoom”, multi-level graphical layout, split screen designs, transition screen sequences, visual effects, video/graphic overlays, picture animations, and many other functions called for by the intended application.


We'll develop your own custom application FREE.  Under our new program, all you pay is the rental fee for the hardware and shipping costs.


YES...You read it right! 

Pay nothing for your CUSTOM-DEVELOPED touch-interactive and/or non-interactive Digital Signage application.  As a matter of fact, FOR THE FIRST TIME, you can totally take the application development costs out of your budget line item when you rent from us!!


Complete Solution: Hardware, software and turnkey application

We will deliver a true end-to-end custom-developed solution operating with our:

So, you no longer have to worry about finding the time or designating your own internal resources to develop your digital presentation/pitch to market your product and services at your booth.  You DREAM it, and we'll deliver it...that's how simple it is. 


Digital Signage Services:

Turnkey Digital Signage Solutions delivered by our team of experts.

22" Tablet

GGE will deliver a CUSTOM built, All-In-One 22" touchscreen Tablet with turnkey application to meet your event's needs. Whether your need is to have it mounted on the wall, or you just want to place it on the booth's counter top, we will build it for you from A to Z and deliver it on time, hassle-free. 

 Digital Signage Player

Turn any standard TV monitor into a powerful messaging delivery system. Our Digital Players capture people's attention whereby allowing you to tell your brand's story.  Rent it now to SAVE time and money with our true “plug-n-play” solution.  All you need is a TV set, we'll do the rest; including, fully animated presentations for the best visual effect.  You will save $$$ and bring about the desired benefits of disseminating custom messages to YOUR targeted audience.

Application Development

To afford our customers a hassle-free and quick sollution delivery, our renatl services cover every aspect of the touch-interactive or non-interactive (digital player) application development, including content repurposing, fitting and app. creation. That said, we'll also develop the touch-interactive application. Your visitors can learn, make comments, register, etc.  Let us create a stunning presentations to trigger visual attention and to engage people to best project your brand, product(s) and services. What can better explain and sell your product and services than a touch-interactive presentation controlled by the user, or a well-designed dynamic presentation over a large format TV?

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