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Digital Signage is the world's second fastest-growing ad medium and quickly becoming a vital component of the transitioning media ecosystem.


GGE's Digital Signage (all-in-one) is a fully integrated audiovisual device made up of large, distance viewing display panels with fully integrated Quad-Core SoC CPU all concealed inside a single thin-profile enclosure.  It is specifically designed to seamlessly deliver high resolution (1080p) graphics, animated and full motion digital content. 


GGE’s Digital Signage solutions are designed to employ the digital reach that delivers visually compelling information/messages, whereby influencing public awareness, company’s image and brand impact.  It gives a new dimension to inform the targeted audience at the point of business/interest by disseminating pertinent information, but more importantly, affording quick responses to changes and business opportunities.


Strategically placing Digital Signage displays guarantees the most effective one-way communication channel for businesses, their employees and customers.  Combined with GGE-Managed EasyService we will develop and remotely manage all eleements of the solutions as per your schedule or on an as needed basis.  It also includes 24/7 remote monitoring of all Digital Signage displays when configured with your Wide Area Network/WiFi, or via GGE-managed Verizon's cellular network. 


GGE's Digital Signage displays can be sold in two ways:

  1. Displays ONLY, or
  2. Turnkey Digital Signage solutions under GGE-Managed EasyService


All GGE's Digital Signage displays (with or without GGE-Managed EasyService) are configured and delivered with the most current Android/Windows Operating System.  


Our Digital Signage displays come in many sizes to meet your physical requirements, starting from 21.5" to 65".  Smaller or larger display sizes are available upon request.

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