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Did You Know?

GGE's shelf-mounted P-O-P Players will capture shoppers' attention then allow you

to tell your brand's story.  You will SAVE time and MAKE money with GGE's truly

“plug-n-play” Players.


GGE's P-O-P families of players are available in 3.5”, 5.7”, 7.0” or 10.4” screen sizes.  Don’t think small in terms of its capabilities.  These little devices are packed with rich features and are perfect for space limited areas or placed next to the merchandise (cell phones, cameras, food processor, laundry soap, etc.) or as a shelf-edge for any product promotion/explainers.  These little dynamos are not your typical “picture frame” gadgets that fail after 2 months 24/7 operation.  They are equipped with commercial grade powerful processor, which can be configured as stand-alone or network-based (wired, Wi-Fi or cell) supporting an array of flexible interactive features.  Optionally, it can support touchscreen, RFID, USB, 802.11/cell, Compact Flash Card and much more.


However, most commonly these P-O-P Players are designed and used to play loop graphic and/or video files, triggered by pressing a buttons.  Equipped with a concealed/secured USB port, all content updates can be done manually via a USB stick. 


All GGE's P-O-P Players can be configured to be powered by either batteries or AC. 


Please call us to discuss more advanced P-O-P solutions or custom designs, colors and functions.


Standard Features/Configurations:

  1. Shelf-edge mounting
  2. Concealed on/off switch and volume control
  3. Secured/concealed USB port for convenient content updates with USB stick
  4. Replaceable batteries and custom decals for multiple product campaigns
  5. Flashing video-activated button(s) (up to 8 independent video-triggered buttons)
  6. Longest battery life (display size dependent)
  7. Instant audio/video playback when button is pressed
  8. Button(s) flashing/pulsating when in idle
  9. Enclosed or open-frame for custom fitting (with optional custom colors

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