Multi-Touch Interactive Table

Not much different in operation than any modern Smartphone or Tablets, GGE integrated its custom large displays into tables and now offer them for use in your place of business, homes, entertainment venues, education, etc..  The best uses of these interactive tablets is in a group settings when multiplicity of people can simultaneously interact with the desired application.


The GGE Interactive Multi-Touch Interactive Table displays are available in 21.5", 27.5", 32", 42". and 55" sizes.  All systems sizes sport 1080p resolution with 180-degree viewing angle, all powered by a Quad-Core Processor operating under Android/Windows OS.


All GGE's standard versions are equipped with LAN, Wi-Fi, USB Ports, and Android (Windowa optional).  GGE's PCAP Touch technology allows for a simultaneous multi user experience.

Outdoor Displays (weatherproof)

Our outdoor DigInformTM  solution is a durable Commercial-Grade Optically Bonded Outdoor Display, developed in a powder coated rust-free aluminum body.  It has a High Definition LED Display with a 700 nits sunlight readable.  It is protected by a robust and specially formulated Anti-Glare/Anti-Reflective chemically treated glass that is bonded directly to the panels using the latest in refractive indexed matched optical clear rated adhesives.

42” LED  (Res: 1920x1080) (without speaker: 38”W x 22”H x 5.0”D)

47” LED  (Res: 1920x1080) (without speaker: 43”W x 24”H x 5.3”D)

55” LED  (Res: 1920x1080) (without speaker: 50”W x 29”H x 5.4”D)


  • All outdoor solutions are made up of powder coded, rust-free aluminum body
  • All are optically bonded (no air gap that traps heat between glass and display surface as in non-integrated designs)
  • Internal thermostatically-controlled: keep the display cool and dry in summer and protects it from low temps in winter (-24 degrees F to 140 degrees F)
  • All displays have anti-glare, anti-reflection, chem. treated glass, UV protection  and protective glass
  • All displays are wired for Verizon Celllular Network Services
  • Multiple color enclosures available upon request.
  • Speaker bar (optional)
  • Display and speaker require outlets for power (a dedicated standard receptacle is necessary)

NOTE: All software and services are available under GGE-Managed EasyServiceTM

TV Wall & Remote Controls

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