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Interactive Digital Kiosks

We offer a full assortment of all-in-one Interactive Digital Kiosk terminals ranging from 10" to 65" diagonally.  All of the electronic components, cables and connectors are securely confined inside a single, low profile enclosure, including add-ons such as bar-code reader, speakers, RFID, motion detectors, etc.  Our Interactive Digital Kiosks can be configured as fully enclosed or as open frame for custom fitting inside any fixture designs.

Digital Signage (All-In-One)

If you have a need to communicate custom messages to people inside your place of business, GGE will deliver a CUSTOM built, all-in-one Digital Signage display to meet your needs. Whether your need is for large 55” display to disseminate messages to your targeted audience, or you want to use a 15” display placed on your service counter, we will build and deliver the most fitting solution your needs demand.  An array of display sizes (5” to 65”) are available, which include FREE custom programming and remote management services without you lifting a finger.  Look inside to learn more!

4K Digital Signage Players

If you’re not sure you can afford it, or have it in the budget to invest in a full blown all-in-one digital signage solution, but you want the benefits of highly effective and impactful ways of communicating to your customers and/or employees, this is the solution for you!


GGE’s Digital Signage Player may be a logical solution for less.  It is designed to turn a standard TV monitor into a powerful, dynamic channel of targeted communication.  If you already have a TV set, you will save even more $$$ and still bring about the desired benefits of disseminating custom messages to YOUR targeted audience.

P-O-P Player

GGE’s family of P-O-P Player solutions are specifically designed to be placed near designated product or services. Its small footprint and configured to be battery operated P-O-P Player can be placed literally anywhere to promote or educate public about new ANYTHING!  Put it on a shelf below or above designated merchandise, or integrate it into a free-standing POP display in the middle of an aisle, put it at the checkout counter...you name it!


Let us program/configure our P-O-P Player of your choice and use it as a visual attention grabber, explaining how product/merchandise works, show your product's competitive advantages, tell what’s inside the box, play testimonial...and many, many more.

LED Flashers

You don’t want to be the cheapest,

   you want to be the most VISIBLE!


Anything can become of interest
  if they see it!


The best sale strategy must include

being seen!


Don’t look for new customers
   help them find you!

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