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GGE's software operates under an industry standard Operating Systems such as Android, Windows, iOS and Linux. However, over the last year we've made aggressive efforts to transition from Linux to mainly Android.


All GGE's application software and related services are available only as part of the newly developed GGE-Managed EasyService program. GGE-Managed EasyService is available on a fixed monthly fee-basis.  GGE-Managed EasyService is specifically design to eliminate the need for GGE's customers to have the necessary skill sets and most importantly, to reduce expenses associated with the on-going management and support of such an enterprise.  GGE-Managed EasyService is extremely affordable, which over a year could cost less than application software alone purchased from a software developer. 


The software is compatible across all GGE’s hardware platforms, including wired LAN/WAN, Verizon 4G LTE Cellular, Web integration, interactive/non-interactive, “touch-n-swipe” and “pinch-n-zoom”, multi-level graphical layout, split screen designs, transition screen sequences, stream or “store & forward” mode, diagnostics, statistical reporting and all other functions called for by the intended application.


GGE's CUSTOM software development is offered under three distinct categories:

  1. For all GGE-provided display products

  2. For Android-based Tablets (with Android OS 4.4 or higher
  3. For Windows-based Tablets
  4. Android-based Tablets for remote control of functions/presentation over a large TVs and monitors
  5. For iOS-based devices

Benefiting from the depth and flexibility of the software, our team of engineers and creative staff can deliver a CUSTOM developed, user-interactive solution in less time than any other application developer out there.  Less time in development does NOT mean less quality.  To the contrary, unlike the commonly sold page-flipping programs or pre-built application templates, our robust software design allows us to create stunning presentations by incorporating the most current user interactive designs and visual transitions using custom designed controls (GUI).  Also, capitalizing on GGE's powerful Quad Core processing platform along with a true 1080p display with a 180 degree viewing angle, the user-experience is truly amazing, but most importantly very intuitive and fun to use.


Combining GGE's fully integrated platform (smart software, P-CAP touch, Quad Core CPU, cellular technology) and Verizon Wireless' vast experience in digital communication arena, there is literally no application that GGE cannot develop and deliver to its customer under the low cost of GGE-Managed EasyService.  Our team of engineers along with our creative staff will deliver a CUSTOM-developed application(s) affording your customers a stunning visual experience only found in today's Tablets and and your customers deserve nothing less!

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