4K Digital Signage Player

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By purchasing our 4K Digital Player you can increase your customers' engagement with a standard TV you may already own.


GGE's 4K Digital Signage Player ("Player”)  is a compact Quad-Core computer equipped with HDMI output, LAN & USB port and optional embedded Verizon Cellular modem.  Measured at 6"Wx6"L x1"D, GGE's Player is the “COOLEST” operating Media Player in the world.  It is designed to deliver rich digital content through standard HD TVs & monitors.  Whether stand-alone or networked, this Player will calmly decode brilliant 1080p images and/or full motion videos, 24/7 without breaking a sweat. No fans or heat sinks, simply a cool player! Just place it behind any TV, plug it into HDMI port and VOILA.!..you have a powerful digital communication channel at the lowest cost possible. 


In general, Media Players are non-interactive.  Most commonly, their main role is to deliver custom developed multimedia content/messages based on pre-programmed schedule and play sequence.  Common application for such Players are where standard TVs are already installed, such as hotel, office or clinic/doctors lobbies, airport terminals, retail, service areas, digital menus, digital directories or any other areas where such communication is beneficial to business owners and the public.


Purchase GGE's "COOLEST" Player, install it behind your TV set and then sign up for GGE-Managed EasyService.  With GGE-Managed EasyService you'll get a full turnkey custom design application, including remote management of every aspect of the solution, while you concentrate on your core business.


GGE's Digital Players can be sold in two ways:

  1. Digital Player ONLY, or
  2. Turnkey Digital Player solution under GGE-Managed EasyService


All GGE's Players (with or without GGE-Managed EasyService) are configured and delivered with the most current Android/Windows Operating System.

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