Custom-developing, integrating, deploying and then managing your entire Digital Communication Network System can be complex, costly and time consuming. BUT, do you have the money and in-house resources to do it? 

That’s where we come in.





We utilize the latest technology uniquely designed to reduce costs without compromising quality or solution diversity.  We offer the broadest range of custom-built displays.  Our single software suite is fully compatible across all GGE's products and VZW's Cellular network.



As part of GGE's cross-platform software suite it allows for seamless integration with ALL GGE's Displays.  Our software engineers are well experienced in the development, operation, and maintenance of software that can be custom fit to each display and desired application.


       S A P

Are you not sure if digital signage for your business will Pay Off?

Our Solution Assessment Program (SAP) is designed to “test drive” ANY proof-of-concept you have in mind.  We’ll develop a fully functional, custom application for your business needs, for a one-time nominal fee.


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