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Golden Gate Enterprises, LLC (GGE) is a full-service (end-to-end) solution provider that specializes in the development, marketing, deployment and management of commercial grade digital communication solutions/services nationwide.  These are multimedia-based digital displays that are designed to convey an user-interactive or non-interactive information to selected viewers with the objective to promote, instruct, inform, inspire and thereby have a desired impact on the targeted audience.


GGE, backed by its experienced management team is a veteran developer and manufacturer of highly specialized commercial grade digital communication technologies and services (digital displays, user-interactive and semi-interactive kiosks, digital players, etc.) for use in public spaces.  In mid 1990, we were the FIRST to deploy and manage true user-interactive digital audio/video solutions to the retail market in the US, Western Europe and Japan.


GGE’s solutions combined with the robust strength, breadth and reliability of VZW’s cellular 3G/4G LTE network has leveraged GGE’s digital communication assets through multiple phases of digital communication evolution; from non-interactive to fully user-interactive, including remote transaction services (registering, ordering, couponing, etc.), just to mention a few.


GGE’s 4rd generation of Android/Windows-based solutions and its newly developed GGE-Managed EasyService business model is a revolutionary breakthrough in facilitating and managing even the most complex audio/visual communication solutions in less time and for much less than ever.  From a full line-up of digital displays to fully integrated software, including GGE-operated VZW's cellular network services coupled with flexible/affordable purchase options, GGE can deliver amazing end-to-end solution to meet any business' digital communication needs.    


After 25 years in digital space, our current mission is to fill the existing void in providing convenient and more affordable digital communication solutions/services specifically designed to mitigate the constantly growing costs associated with ownership and management of any network-based systems.

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